We all face challenges or obstacles in our lives.

They seem to stand in our way or keep us from achieving our goals. But ultimately, obstacles are there to make us our best self!

“History has demonstrated that the most notable winners usually encountered heart-breaking obstacles before they triumphed. They won because they refused to become discouraged by their defeats.”

— B. C. Forbes


The Other Side of Obstacles

Some obstacles live in our minds, put there by past failures, fear of the unknown or something we learned along the way. Other obstacles present themselves as physical limitations.

Yet, whether physical or mental in nature, people have demonstrated time and again that greatness lies on the other side of apparently insurmountable obstacles.

Overcoming obstacles is part of the journey that makes life rich and provides a true feeling of accomplishment.

Like mile markers, obstacles can guide us and show us the better – not necessarily easier – path. They reward hard work, foster creativity and provide a window of opportunity to create a better life.

Challenges in Sport

Athletics is the perfect activity to learn how to face obstacles and overcome them. Whether it’s striving for a personal record, competing with a team to win a game, training for a better self through exercise or trying something new, obstacles are at the heart of sports. The highs and lows create resilience and grit as we learn to take everything in stride.

This is the spirit of the annual Ken Whalen Surf Challenge. Some riders will surf for the first time in their lives. Others will deny a severe disability the power to limit their life. Together they will joyfully celebrate life and its challenges and the opportunity to become great.

Overcoming obstacles helps us focus on what is important in life.